Talk by Prof. Qing-Jun Meng on the Musculoskeletal Clock for the RCSI Institutional Seminar Series, December 2017

Prof. Qing-Jun Meng from University of Manchester visited RCSI on December 14th to give the second Institutional Seminar Series Lecture Titled “Circadian Rhythms in Health and Disease of the Musculoskeletal System. Prof. Meng has made seminal discoveries on the impact of the clock on cartilage and invertebral disk function and how this leads to diseases of ageing, such as osteoarthritis and lower back pain. He had the audience enthralled for an hour with his rhythmic images of cells glowing with 24-hour rhythms, and his use of Google searches.

Screenshot 2017-12-15 08.33.27.png

Annie participates in the Women in Science, Science on Tap Festival, November 2017

Annie Curtis from the lab was invited to present at the Inaugural Science on Tap Festival that was held on November 27th and 28th in Kennedys Pub beside Trinity College Dublin.  Science on Tap hosts informative talks in pubs across Ireland and the goal is to engage local, everyday people on all things science. Annie talk was titled  “It’s about time! Our body clock in health and disease”.

Annie Pint of Science.jpg

Curtis lab takes part in the Lab Safari Outreach Event, November 2017

The Curtis lab came together in force on 14th November to participate in an event called Lab Safari run within our department (Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics Department) at RCSI. This event was part of the national celebration of Science Week. Almost 50 young people from schools all around Dublin attended the event which encompassed fully interactive demonstrations of our research on body clocks and the immune system. In the picture we have Mariana Cervantes from the lab demonstrating to some students the incredible role that macrophages play in the body to keep us safe. 

Mariana Lab Safari.png

George places second in Thesis in Three competition at RCSI, October 2017

George Glendalough_2.jpg

George Timmons from the lab placed 2nd at the RCSI, Thesis in Three competition held in October. This competition was organized by the SPGS department and there was over 20 competitors. George hopes to build on this success and compete in the national Thesis in Three competition called Famelab in the near future. 

Unfortunately, we didn't snap George at the competition, so here is George at the summit in Glendalough Co. Wicklow taking a few moments to catch up on his scientific reading. : ) Such dedication : )