December 2018 : Lauren Fagan at the TERG Thesis in 3 Competition

As part of the TERG Christmas Symposium a Thesis in Three competition was held – with a festive twist. Lauren participated with an osteoarthritic Santa starring as the main character in a re-imagined version of the traditional Christmas poem “‘Twas the night before Christmas” – thanks to Shannon for her help with the rhyming! Lauren was placed runner-up in the category of early stage PhD researchers. 


December 2018 : George Timmons wins a prize for best talk at Thesis in Three MCT Research Forum

George, Shannon, James and Lauren all participated in the Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics Research Forum for PhD students in December. Each gave a super Thesis in Three style talk on their respective projects. George won the overall prize for his talk entitled “Mitochondria – A link between Innate Immunity, Metabolism, and the Clock”. Pictured below is George receiving his prize from Prof. Tracy Robson, Head of Department.


November 2018 : RCSI Lab Safari to promote STEM to female students

Dr. Maria Morgan (senior lecturer MCT) and Annie developed and organized a full day of activities in RCSI for secondary school students from St. Dominics College, Ballyfermot. The aim of the day was to promote STEM to female students.  Part of the day comprised of hands-on lab experience. The Curtis lab collaborated with Dr. Oran Kennedy’s lab to demonstrate the function of cartilage. This event was made possible by an Ambassadors Grant from L’Oreal Unesco for Women in Science

Video of the day can be found here:

September 2018 : Dr. Mariana Cervantes secures CONACYT funding from Mexico

Dr Mariana Cervantes was successful in obtaining funding from The National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT) from Mexico under the Support for Postdoctoral Researchers Abroad Linked to the Consolidation of Research Groups scheme. This funding will support her postdoctoral research in circadian biology in the Curtis-Clock Lab, under the guidance of Dr Annie Curtis. The grant titled “Impact of circadian control on mitochondrial metabolism in Dendritic Cells and their implications in vaccination” was funded for $48,000 for 2 years. In this project, Dr. Cervantes will unravel the mechanisms by which the molecular clock regulates dendritic cell function with the objective to improve vaccination strategies. This grant is awarded to Mexican Postdoctoral researchers who wish to carry out high-level research in prestigious universities worldwide.

May 2018 : The Curtis Lab was awarded a Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Career Development Award

Annie and her team were awarded a Career Development Award (CDA) from Science Foundation Ireland for a project titled

“MacroCLOCK - Circadian Control of Macrophage Mitochondria: A New Approach in the treatment of Chronic Inflammatory Disease”  . This project will investigate new mechanisms by which the molecular clock in macrophages controls mitochondrial function and inflammation.

Further information can be found here:

May 2018 : The Curtis Lab hit the streets of Dublin with outreach activities

The Curtis Lab hit the streets of Dublin in May 2018, to spread the good word to the masses about the importance of our body clock in health and disease.

First was PhD student George Timmons, who took part in the 30th PubHD event at J.T Pims Bar on Georges Street. He won the audience over about the importance of  our body clocks in controlling the inflammatory response.

Second up was postdoc Mariana Cervantes, who contributed to the Pint of Science Festival at the Mercantile Bar on Dame Street. Mariana made the convincing case that the body clock is controlling our metabolism and how this is having a massive impact on our immune function.

Annie is delighted that her lab is so engaged in public outreach, but is becoming suspicious given all the talks are happening in great bars around the city!

Gerge PubhD.jpeg

George at the PubHD event

Mariana at the Pint of Science Event

Mariana at the Pint of Science Event