September 2019 : Clock lab involved in hosting the Irish Society for Immunology Annual Meeting at RCSI

The Irish Society for Immunology Annual Meeting was held for the first time in RCSI due in part to Annies role on the ISI Executive Committee. It was a superb meeting with 11 invited speakers of which 9 were international. We hosted some world class immunologists including Prof. Doreen Cantrell ( University of Dundee) who spoke about nutrient uptake by T cells, Prof. David Sancho who discussed a new role for dendritic cells and Prof. Eicke Latz (Univesity of Bonn) who spoke about inflammasomes. National speakers included Prof. Ursula Fearon from Trinity College Dublin, and her exciting data on metabolism within the arthritic joint and Dr. Roger Preston, who inspired us to think about the interconnection between hemostasis and immunity.

Overall it was a wonderful 2 days of reconnecting with fellow scientists through lively discussion, debate and of course a drink of two.

Mariana, George and Jamie from our lab delivered wonderful presentations, highlighting to all that time is of the essence when it comes to the immune system. The rest of the Clock lab, James, Shannon, Lauren and Richie all helped out between AV, registration desk, microphones and much more.

We look forward to the 2020 meeting.